Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Joy! 

It's not often that during a cake delivery I am lost for words. Those that know me will possibly say I am never lost for words.

Well One of this weeks deliveries was such a day, I had the privilege of making a birthday cake for a really special little boy who until today had never been able to eat his own birthday cake. 

Our challenge was to make a wheat, soy, dairy & egg free cake!! We persevered and checked our ingredients my husband and I determined to get it right. We had too there was no other option. After quite a few failed attempts I finally had produced a lovely rich cake chocolate fudge cake that was free from all of the things that could make little Albert ill. 

We delivered this Disney Plane themed cake this week and I am sure the customer won't mind me saying that when she cried at the sight of the cake and my heart melted. Birthday cakes are part of a celebration that celebrates life!! Every birthday is a 'big birthday' and should be celebrated with those you care about and care for you.  This is a huge reason I love and do this job, and why my family put up with the late nights and early mornings and a sometime rather grumpy sleep deprived wife/mummy. It fills me with joy! I am one very happy cake lady this week.

Have a wonderful scrummy evening! I know I will.

Sarah x

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