Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Special Moments

Looking through some old pictures and I found this little gem, and it made me realise that cake has always been a part of my life. My 1st birthday cake, it wasn’t pretty but my Mum made an attempt and let’s be honest at that age I probably ended up wearing more than I ended up eating.
My love of cake now is more than just the taste, it is pictured here it is the simplicity. My big brother kissing my head probably after singing me happy birthday with my older sister watching on, I’m guessing my mum is taking the picture but we were all there, Together. At that moment there was a unity in the family with no fighting, shouting or sibling rivalries.

Cake to me now is more than just to eat, it is the key to any special occasion, a wedding, a birthday, a christening all have that magic moment that, snapshot in time captured forever, and I am so happy now to be helping make people make these special moments and being a part of something so wonderful.

Sweet memories everyone!

Sarah x

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