Monday, 6 October 2014

What is Important at a Wedding.

With all the bridal pages I belong to on Facebook I am seeing more and more regularly brides to be asking what did people find a waste of money and what did people wish they spent more money on. l though it seems like a good question it will get such different answers I think it could leave people more confused than when they first asked the question so I thought I would add a little blog with my advice. Not just as a supplier but from my own wedding memories too.

Everybody has their own opinion of what is important. To some people their wedding dress is just an outfit they will wear once and never think of again so would rather spend less money and I have even seen people posting their dress for sale the very day after their own wedding.  To others it will be the most Important thing to wear the princess designer gown they have dreamed of since they were little this is what I thought when looking for my dress and you I was thinking a simple plain dress and ended up with the biggest most expensive dress in the shop but I fell in love with it and nothing else would make me feel as wonderful as that dress did so I knew. 

You will also get people who think of getting supermarket cakes as it is just a cake to be eaten and not important at all so a waste of money. Other will see it as a focal point of the wedding and want a custom designed cake made by an award winning cake designer to be amazing and give a huge wow. The happy couple cutting the cake is a picture everyone thinks of and wants so you will want to be able to look back and think wow I loved my cake rather than thinking of look how that cake ruins the picture next to your beautiful outfit. 

Other thing I see alot of people saying is a waist is the disposable cameras on the table but I loved our disposable cameras as you get to see the funny things people were doing that you didn't get time to see on the day/night. It is hard really as everyone has a different opinion. 

I think as a couple you and you OH should sit down and decided what is the most thing to you and then search for that and spend what needs to be spent on getting what you want. Making sure to check previous work of your supplier and see if you are able to speak to previous customers is something I would highly recommend. I also always think it is best to meet face to face and chat over everything to make sure you can get a feel for them and know you have booked someone you can trust.

Everyone is so different. Once you have the things you really want then see what it left to by the other things you would like.

Have a wonderfully scrumptious evening! 

Sarah x

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