Monday, 10 October 2016

What better way to start the week that with a lovely card specially made for us by one of our couples. I had great fun creating their Lego themed wedding cake in the summer and just loved receiving this card from them. "Dear Sarah, Thank you for our incredible Lego wedding cake! It was just what we wanted, and tasted amazing! Thank you for all of the time you put into making it for us. Thank you, Rob and Paula X"

The rest of the week has been a lovely busy week of cakes. Taking some more new orders of some super girlie cakes that I can wait to create. A Parisian themed 13th birthday cake, a 1st birthday cake featuring our lovely sugar paste teddies and an extra tall baby shower cake with matching cupcakes, cake pops and crispy pops all in pink!!

We have had some wonderful flavoured cakes go out this week to a local coffee shop such as our chocolate orange, cookies and cream and apple & Cinnamon. The only trouble I had was when making the apple buttercream I could not get that silly apple pen song out of my head! Why is it the silly songs we don’t want to remember stick in our head? I had to put some 90’s cheesy pop songs on so I could sing to them just to make it go away.

I had a lovely consultation on Saturday with Sophie and George. I made a game of thrones cake for George’s brother Charlie’s 21st birthday and a drama themed cake for Sophie last year so it was a great pleasure to be asked to make their wedding cake. They are have a subtle and very romantic Harry Potter themed wedding cake that I am really looking forward to making. The decided on red velvet, salted caramel and Madagascan vanilla flavours.

I finished the week off doing a wedding fayre at That Amazing Place in Old Harlow. ‘Mr Cake’ and I had a great time talking to some really lovely couples. I love hearing all the fantastic themes and ideas everyone is having. I got to talk about skulls, Ninja Turtles, dragons, lace, fairies, flowers and more by the end of the day my mind was filled with ideas an inspiration. We had salted caramel and rhubarb and custard tasters with us which were so popular we had people coming back for seconds and even thirds. They were so popular we ran out 15 minutes before the show ended. We can’t wait to chat more cake with these lovely couples when they come in for their consultations and custom tasters, and also look forward to working with some of the lovely suppliers we met too.

It was safe to say after a very great but very busy week that Sunday evening my feet were up and I took some much needed time to relax ready for the next week’s challenges. 

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